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Overall, a great read, with a good moral, & I would recommend to any YA book lovers

The Return of the Key reviewed by Crystal’s Many Reviewers

There is heartache, friendship, love, trust, and racial discussions all within this story. The author weaves a story full of depth and warmth – something that is not easy to find in a YA book.

A review from the On Writing blog

The Return of the Key was a fun trip through a fantastical land and a great message to younger readers about the need to look past race and color in order to make your world a better place. The main character Eliza’s voyage through self-discovery 

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“Alisha’s book is full of great tips, but the best part she saved for last. The last section is just inspiring and actually brought tears to my eyes as I read it” – Julie Ryan, blogger, “Interesting and thought-provoking book; full of ideas, tips, and first-hand 

Four stars for The Return of the Key

Lady A of the awesome blog Literature Junkie Extraordinaire has given The Return of the Key four stars. Thanks to Ash for taking the time to review this early teen/young adult novel, which explores so many important issues while taking the reader on an extraordinary, magical 

Review by barbarianlibrarian

Thanks to Erin Crazy (‘the crazy cat lady librarian’) of the barbarianlibrarian blog for this amazing review! “Imagine Legend and Labyrinth with a pinch civil rights and self acceptance. That’s basically the heart of this book. Eliza, a teenager of mixed races, has had a hard 

4.5 stars for The Return of the Key

“…a short and unique read. If you like fairy tales and fantasy, this is a great read. It’s short but it’s only by the last page, do you begin to realise how much you’ve attached to the story and characters” – Fangirl World blog Read 

BOOK REVIEW: The Return of the Key by Alisha Nurse

Thanks to Faith of thebigfatbooks blog for this awesome review of The Return of the Key. Read on dudes and dudettes:) x


The Return of the Key has had a really cool review by Shaiyra of the really awesome gottareadthatbook review blog. Shaiyra says “I’ve got to say, I do love the names in this book, but mostly, I love the moral…I believe this is not a 

What they say about The Return of the Key

‘Alisha Nurse’s The Return of the Key is a thrilling plunge into a fantasy world filled with magic and adventure, yet it’s uncannily real. An incredible voyage of an unassuming girl has the ‘Alice at the other side of the mirror effect’, in which the