Wild Child

Idzorah-Ulka is anything but disciplined. A breaker of rules, she enjoys living with carefree abandon. But when a siege unleashes havoc on her world and way of life, Idzorah has harsh lessons to learn. If she is to survive she must find order in the chaos, forgiveness amid hatred. 

Can one live when there is nothing left to live for? Idzorah must learn how, when events have cast her heart black, giving her a thirst for vengeance. 

Wild Child is a coming of age tale about finding home and self, when all else seems lost.



‘This is a phenomenal book!  So much emotion all the way through’ – Wil Scott, Author and Wellness Coach, Believe Positive


‘Incorporating a blend of old and contemporary concepts, this evocative publication conjures memories of biblical principles and slavery, and puts a spotlight on how women can use their wit and voices to get to where they want to be’ – Carol Quash, Journalist


‘… a breath of fresh air’- Rif’aa, Goodreads Reviewer 


Wild Child