Wild Child

Idzorah-Ulka is anything but disciplined. A breaker of rules, she enjoys living with carefree abandon. But when a siege unleashes havoc on her world and way of life, Idzorah has harsh lessons to learn. If she is to survive she must find order in the chaos, forgiveness amid hatred. 

Can one live when there is nothing left to live for? Idzorah must learn how, when events have cast her heart black, giving her a thirst for vengeance. 

Wild Child is a coming of age tale about finding home and self, when all else seems lost.

‘This is a phenomenal book!  So much emotion all the way through’ – Wil Scott, Author and Wellness Coach, Believe Positive

‘Incorporating a blend of old and contemporary concepts, this evocative publication conjures memories of biblical principles and slavery, and puts a spotlight on how women can use their wit and voices to get to where they want to be’ – Carol Quash, Journalist

‘… a breath of fresh air’- Rif’aa, Goodreads Reviewer

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The Return of the Key

16 year old Eliza Aurelio grapples with her mixed race identity amid rising racial tensions on her little island. For their safety, Eliza’s grandfather sends her and her grandmother to a quiet town in Southwest England to stay with a relative.

But this otherwise quiet town has been turned upside down by people mysteriously disappearing.

Eliza eventually encounters a magical but dangerous realm accessible through a doorway in the town, and sees its connection to the abductions.

She intends to put things right, only wanting to protect her family. To do this, she must return a stolen key to lock the open doorway. But Eliza has to overcome her own inner conflicts if she is to stand any chance of being successful and leaving the other realm alive.

Suspenseful and enchanting, The Return of the Key explores the power of love, sacrifice and the journey to self acceptance.

‘…a thrilling plunge into a fantasy world filled with magic and adventure, yet it’s uncannily real. An incredible voyage of an unassuming girl has the ‘Alice at the other side of the mirror effect’, in which the quirky and surreal realm is the reflection of the earthly trials and tribulations’ – Elena Krovvidi, Journalist, Russia Beyond The Headlines

‘An imaginative and engaging story of mystical places and heroic characters’ – Lynda Anning, Author, Dreams of Death

Living the Best Life with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (fms) is a chronic neurological condition that causes widespread pain, fatigue, insomnia, cognitive impairments, and a host of other symptoms. Many patients are forced to quit their jobs, studies and life dreams due to the impact of symptoms on their lives.

In Living the best life with Fibromyalgia, Alisha Nurse shares what’s worked for her, to enable her to make the best of life with this chronic illness. Alisha continues to work, and function more than many fms patients are able to. In this short narrative, she shares her health regime consisting of long-standing family remedies, and natural sources of pain relief.

An avid blogger whose writing focuses on living with fibromyalgia and depression, Alisha fiercely encourages fms patients to fight for their lives and not give in to this condition.

Living the best life with Fibromyalgia is a must-read for any fms patient who wants to regain control over their life, and win their battle against fibromyalgia.

“Alisha’s book is full of great tips, but the best part she saved for last. The last section is just inspiring and actually brought tears to my eyes as I read it” – Julie Ryan, blogger,

“Interesting and thought-provoking book; full of ideas, tips, and first-hand knowledge. I loved the recipe section!” – Amy Mullholand, Blogger, The Fibro Frog

“Alisha has written an excellent book that takes us with her on her journey from diagnosis to taking back her life. If you are looking for a positive, easy to read book on living with Fibromyalgia, which includes great advice based on life experiences… this is the one! – Tamiko, blogger,


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