Review by barbarianlibrarian

Thanks to Erin Crazy (‘the crazy cat lady librarian’) of the barbarianlibrarian blog for this amazing review!

“Imagine Legend and Labyrinth with a pinch civil rights and self acceptance. That’s basically the heart of this book. Eliza, a teenager of mixed races, has had a hard go at life. Believed only to be accepted by her family, she flees her small island to seek refuge with her aunt and grandmother while racial tensions fill her home town. The new quiet town she finds herself in may be no safer than her last home, for people keep mysteriously disappearing. Armed with her new friend Gwen, the two discover a hidden realm whose entrance has been mysteriously opened. Together, along with two faeries, they must help save the realm from hidden enemies, return a stolen key, all in order to make it back home. Can Eliza have enough faith in herself to complete the journey?

Filled with lush detail, inventive creatures, scenarios, and schemes. This book is great for young fantasy readers.Themes of identity, self-confidence, and loyalty will resonate with readers. A great fantasy adventure novel for teens grades five and up.”

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